How to know if you are multipassionate

When I first heard about the word “multipotentialite”, “multipassionate” I embraced it. It felt right.

I heard this “definition” as I thought “finally, I found someone like me”. 

If you are still unsure about whether or not you are multi passionate or multipotentialite soul, here are 4 signs that help you understand if you are multi potentialite.

4 signs you are a multi passionate

    • You have so many interests that you can’t decide to pick only one.


    • You don’t want to choose the only thing because you feel trapped in a box.


    • You want to be able to share your works on different projects. You have so many things to share with the world!
    • You hate the word “specialized”. People, close friends, and family keep telling you that you need to specialize in one thing, and you hate the idea.
    • Your mind works faster than actions. You start one or two projects, and by the time you are working on them, you come up with another idea.

    • You are a lifelong learner. You are curious about life and the things you like learning and exploring new ideas and projects.

If you feel like you are a multi-passionate, I can tell you that you are in the perfect place.

I am just like you!

Many people state we can’t do everything , and I say, why not?

Here I am to tell you I know how it feels.

I also have several projects, and they all told me that I had to choose one thing only to be more “coherent”.

I remember feeling like I was trapped. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way, but I rejected that idea.

It had to be another way.

And yes. There is a way to be everything you want to be; to develop your projects and be yourself. To create a brand that is coherent, not because you choose one business project rather than another; not because you make a list of passions and you picked one, but because it is coherent with your purpose.


I you need help clarify your purpose, I can help you. 

Hi! I am Marzia Rapallini
Brand Strategist and Digital Marketing Creative, traveller and a
multi-passionate woman. Coffee addicted and cat lover.

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