Email marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the use of email to promote a product or a service with the aim to develop relationship with potential customers and clients.

How to create a email marketing?

1.Define your GOALS
Are you looking to send traffic to your website? Do you want to promote sales? Do you want to increase traffic at events?

2.Define your AUDIENCE, your readers
Find out your target audience. For example if you’re a blogger the subscribers will be interested in your content while if you are a retailer subscribers would like to have more information about your product. 

3.Find out your CONTENT
You have to find out what is the reason why readers follow you, what do they like and focus on that. I advice you to keep a content list with upcoming events, photos of the past events, popular posts one facebook and twitter and so on. After that I suggest you to choose 1-4 piece of content each month from the list to create a campaign. 

 4.Define your FREQUENCY 
It is important to define the frequency depending on your target audience. You can start one a month and than you can always increase the number. 


5.Create a SCHEDULE, a timeline to help you focus on the goals



Some of the tools for email marketing

Image result for active campaign active campaign 


Image result for hubspothubspot

Image result for mailchimpmailchimp


Do you know others? If yes please comment below 🙂 

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