Are you a multi-passionate, multi potential?Check this out!

  • Have you ever heard about the word “multi-passionate”?
  • Do you have many business ideas and passions? 
  • You can’t decide where to start?
  • You feel confused because people keep telling you, you need to choose one thing only?


If you answered yes, you are in the right place.
Do you feel stuck because you don’t know which ideas, projects to pick or how to cope with your interests with cohesive branding?
I got you!
I was stuck too!
I used to feel uncomfortable and ashamed because I had too many passions. Every time someone asked me what I do for a living, I didn’t know what to say. Too many work in progress projects …
Everyone kept telling me “pick one thing and specialise” but I couldn’t, I didn’t want to.
Picking one thing and specialising, only meant not being able to explore the other beautiful interests that made me happy too.
It’s what you feel too.

We don’t want to do one thing forever.

We feel like we are going to lose opportunities to share with the world what we know by picking one. 

At the same time, we feel overwhelmed by having so many ideas. 

We feel wrong.

“Why can’t I be like anyone else?”

“Why can’t I pick one thing?”

We would like someone to tell us that we are allowed to have many passions and business ideas.

We would like to have a sense of clarity of what we want to become, of what our purpose is.

We want to be able to answer that simple question: “what do you do” without feeling ashamed.

We feel like we are “aliens”, something is wrong with us “why do I have so many passions?“, “Is there something wrong with me?” and then we feel stuck.

Stuck because we are confused.

Stuck because we can’t decide.

Stuck because we don’t want to make the wrong decision, we don’t want to pick one thing and be stuck with that for the rest of our lives.

This is why I want to tell you:

  • that it’s okay to feel that way. I felt that way too till I clarified my purpose, my “why”
  • Don’t compare to other people.You need to believe in your ideas and intuition.
  • You are unique and this is powerful: it’s what makes you different from the crowd.

And I want to tell you that there is no right or wrong decision.

Not taking an action is wrong.

Give yourself permission to try and experiment, then, if you don’t like what you are doing you can change.

By trying you can learn something that can be helpful for the future.

Eventually, there is nothing written on the stone, unchangeable.

So follow your intuition and your passions. Things are going to show up more clearly trying and trying again.

Don’t overthink, start doing.

So, how do you practically blend your project ideas into a cohesive brand?

“Do I have to create multiple websites or only one? Do I have to create one or more social media accounts? Which platform?….”

It depends!

It depends on your why, on your purpose.

Focus on your “why” and not on your “what”.

Don’t focus on your interests and ideas, focus on the reason why you do what you do.

Ask yourself:

  • why do you want to do it?
  • why do these things fulfill you?


If you need help clarifying your brand why I can help you. 

Hi! I am Marzia Rapallini
Digital Marketing Creative, traveller and a
multi-passionate woman. Coffee addicted and cat lover.

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