How to create a brand if you are multipotentialite and multipassionate

Multipassionate people have different interests, projects, and passions, often finding it difficult to choose where to start and how to create their business or activities.

I am multi-passionate, and for a long time, I couldn’t figure out how to work on all these ideas without being confusing for people. I remember spending hours and hours looking for a solution to make the different design ideas come true. Since I could not find a solution, I thought to ask professionals advice to help me with that constant confusion.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good decision because they told me to choose, to pick one project to stay consistent. “One thing. You can’t do all these projects, you have to choose one and you have to define your niche, that is who you are targeting…blah blah blah … all the things you probably heard too.


I’ m not saying this is wrong.


I’ m saying this is not where we need to start. Making a list of the business projects we had in mind or making a list of our passions and deciding which of these things we will focus on is not the first thing to do. Defining a niche is also not the first thing to do.


Before this, we must have a clear idea of our “why” , our purpose.

And how do we know if we have defined our “why”?

If we have defined our “why”, we will have more clarity on everything else. We will have a clear idea of what is our goal, why we do what we do and for whom we do it.

If not, I can help you clarify and create the brand strategy and visual identity to launch your business online.

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