Softwares for event engagement


During my work experience I found out how some survey softwares are very useful when it comes to a conference or an event.

These survey sofwares are platfoms designed for events, both external and internal
such as conference, meeting, seminar, conference call and so on.

As speakers have limited time to explain answer answer questions, thanks to these tools, speakers can instanly answer the questions and receive feedback without waisting time.

These Q&A platforms allow attendees to feel free to write down the questions on the platform anonymously by using their own mobile device and share their ideas instantly.

Speakers can identify and prioritize the most popular questions to answer immediately at conferences. Finally speakers or leaders receive real time a report and survey about the audience.
These softwares allow a more interaction and engagement and a better communication flow.

Here a list of some of these useful platforms:


– Feedbackr
– Wooclap
– Mentimer
– Slido



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