Instagram Highlights Cover

Why you need to optimize your Instagram Highlights covers

Instagram Highlights covers are the little circles that you find underneath your Instagram profile bio. When you create stories and you want to save them, you can insert them inside these highlights covers and you can categorize them.

So, why are highlights covers so important?

  • they are the first element people see when they open your Instagram account;
  • they need to capture people’s attention in order to arouse curiosity and interest so that people go inside of the cover to see what’s all about;


How to make Instagram highlights covers functional and effective?

I suggest you organize your Instagram stories by:
content: if you want to separate the type of content
topic: (the most used one) if you want people to find the answer to a specific product or service
event: it’s helpful if your business run a lot of events and you want people to review them
collection: it’s useful if you want to promote products divided by collection

How to create an Instagram Cover Highlight: your story tap on “highlight” located at the bottom right
2. choose the highlight you want to add to your story or tap “new” if you want to create a new highlight.
3. type out a name and then click add

If you want to create a brand consistency I suggest you personalize your Instagram Highlight Covers and you can easily do it on Canva.
You log in or register on Canva and click on “create a design” and then go to “Instagram Covers”. You will find examples and template you can easily edit.


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