Why is LinkedIn so important?

Why is LinkedIn is so important?

With over 610 million users in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is the professional social networking platform. LinkedIn has enormous potential: it gives you the ability to showcase your area of expertise, offer advice, and create connections. Not only that: it is a platform where recruiters look for candidates.

  • Have you just finished your degree and are you looking for a job?
  • Are you a professional looking for a job opportunity?
  • You need to grow your personal branding?
  • Do you want to grow your business by making your product or service known?


Whatever your goal is, there are many reasons why you should open a LinkedIn account right now: from job hunting, to networking and to showcase your business and skills. 


Here are some reasons:

  1. You can find a job
    Thanks to the search filter with position and keywords you can also set job alerts based on your professional interests to receive emails and updates. Additionally, you can contact workers and executives of the company you wish to apply for.


  1. You can build your brand
    Many people mistakenly believe that to get a new job the only thing to do is to see thousands of applications. LinkedIn is much more! You can showcase your experience by writing posts, articles and uploading videos to LInkedIn to showcase your experience, emphasize your strength and show your personality. Plus with the right keywords, it helps you get indexed on Google. If you have a business or are a professional or entrepreneur, LinkedIn is a good place to attract your audience.


  1. If you are an entrepreneur or a professional, LinkedIn is a good platform to showcase your products and services, grow your brand awareness and find new customers.

  2. Networking
    You can build relationships with experts in your field, role models, and group people or communities with the same idea of value as you.


So, if you want to start using LinkedIn to its full potential, book a free phone call with me and I’ll help you grow your business.


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